General Rules and Regulations

 1. Regularity:              Regularity in attending all teaching learning sessions – i.e. lectures, tutorials / group discussions, practical, clinics, project work, etc. is essential. You must bring journals and study material in lectures and practical classes / dissection. You must wear apron while in the college premises. The student must have attended minimum 75 % of each theory & practical classes in each term for being eligible to appear at I M.B;B.S. examination. Also minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in Foundation course.


2. Internal  Evaluation:       You are expected to take all the internal tests / examinations as scheduled. Score from each test / examination contributes to the total internal evaluation marks, both in theory and practical. The student must obtain minimum 35% of total internal evaluation marks in theory & practical separately in all the subjects for being eligible to appear at I M.B;B.S. examination of Gujarat University. However, the student needs 50 % internal marks combined to get result of University exams. Those who appear in University exams with <50% internal, will need to make up before the result is declared. If Student is still not able to secure 50% in Internal after Remedial classes and exam then student is declared as Fail.

There will be a number of term-ending/internal and one preliminary (pre-university) examination in theory and practical in each subject. The preliminary examination will be based upon the pattern of the University examination. The marks obtained at these examinations will be taken into account while computing the internal evaluation marks for theory and practical.


3. Payment of fees  & Dues:     You are expected to pay the college tuition fees, other    expenditure for course materials and journals and other dues in as per schedule.


4. Discipline:               You must maintain discipline and decorum while in the classes or while dissecting the bodies or in the college or within the college / hospital premises. Students are expected to be polite individually as well as in groups and show respect to all the teaching and non-teaching staff members, patients and cadavers. They are not expected to participate in such activities which harm the academic environment or teacher-student relationship or fellow students.  Ragging in any form is not permitted and severe disciplinary action would be taken in case any student is found to indulge in ragging. Your parents will be informed about your progress periodically. Every student must carry his / her identity card at all times and must produce when demanded.


5. Extra Curricular Activities:    Extra-curricular activities have a definite place in the life of the students and are supported and encouraged by the college. Extra specific time will be allotted for these in Timetable. However, these activities should never be at the expense of time allotted for curricular / academic programmes. Such activities should not lead to absence of students from teaching-learning sessions. Absence from teaching-learning sessions due to participation in such activities not specifically approved / authorized by the University / College will be treated as unauthorized absence and dealt with accordingly.

6. Student Teacher  Relationship:     A healthy student-teacher relationship goes a long way in the development of students, faculty and also the college. We have mentorship program being  introduced in the institute from the year 2019. Each student will be assigned a mentor. Do not hesitate to bring forth/discuss your genuine problems or to give your suggestions. Feel free to communicate about your difficulties, comments and suggestions to the mentor faculty to make the teaching learning process  more effective.

Wishing you all a fruitful academic & professional career from all the teaching and non-teaching members…

–  Dr. Pratik R. Patel (I/c Dean)