Official Publication of Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College
AMC Medical Education Trust, Ahmedabad
Volume 3 Issue2 July 2014 Page No.
Sitting is the new smoking: is there a “NEAT DEFECT”? 5
Dr.Nilay Suthar
Research Articles
Mental and Physical health related problems of Call centre workers. 7
Dr. Vaibhavkumar Ramanuj
Study on the primary characteristics of identification: estimation of stature from palm length among the native Guajarati population 13
Aneri Choksi, G.Rajesh Babu, M.S.Dahiya
NIHSS Score: A handy tool to predict vascular occlusion in acute ischemic stroke 18
Ronak Shah, Chintal Vyas, Jyoti Vora
Study of patients of road traffic accidents arriving in emergency department [ED] of V.S hospital at Ahmedabad city, single centre pilot study. 23
Dr.Aharnish Shah, Dr.Bhavesh Jarwani
Enzymatic Antioxidants, Malondialdehyde, and Total Antioxidant Activity as Markers of Oxidative-Stress in Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis 27
Shankarlal L Sharma, Shobha A.Chokshi, Chandan Chakraborti
A study of estimation of stature from hand length in Gujarat 32
Reekee Patel, Utsav Parekh, Pratik Patel
Compliance to the treatment of malaria cases in Ahmedabad City- A Qualitative Study 36
Sonal Parikh, Snehal Vaghela
Clinical presentation and diagnostic difficulties in amoebic liver abscess 40
Dr.Kaushal D Suthar
Role of uterine compression suture techniques as an alternative to obstetric hysterectomy for severe post partum haemorrhage during cesarean section 45
Sapana R Shah, Rupa C Vyas, Pushpa Yadav, Ajit C Rawal
Study of ECG changes in first week of life in normal newborns in a tertiary care hospital 51
Halak Vasavada, Hiral Shah, Bijal Shah
Haemolytic conditions of newborn - A laboratory study 54
Beena Thakker, Alpa A Shah
Orchidometer – Useful office practice tool for assessment of male puberty. 58
Dr.Pallavi Dagli, Dr.Vijay Jethava, Dr.Jay Sheth
A comparison of sevoflurane versus propofol for tracheal intubation in children 64
Dr.Viren Darji, Dr.Gauri Panjabi
Study of combined Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic findings in 100 cases of Infertility 68
Dr.Samipa J. Shah, Dr.Akshay C. Shah, Dr.Yamini N. Trivedi
Whole blood donor deferral analysis at General hospital blood bank – A retrospective study. 72
Hinal Gajjar, F R Shah, N R Shah, C K Shah
Cross over confidential study of Vulnerability to stress and Reactions of stress in Anaesthesiologists of Gujarat. 77
Dr.Kalpesh S. Asal, Dr.Kamla H. Mehta, Dr.Kirti D. Patel
Case Report
Pigmented squamous cell carcinoma of conjunctiva – a rare case 82
Dr.Khushnood Sheikh , Dr.Manisha Shashtri