Official Publication of Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College
AMC Medical Education Trust, Ahmedabad
Volume 3 Issue1 January 2014 Page No.
Biomedical Waste Management: Some food for Thought 5
Jay K. Sheth, Vijay N. Jhala
Research Articles
Comparative study of mild versus moderate-severe thrombocytopenia in third trimester of pregnancy in a tertiary care hospital 8
Rupa Vyas, Sapana Shah, Pushpa Yadav, Ushma Patel
Peritonsillar infiltration with 0.25% Bupivacaine for premptive analgesia in Paediatric patients undergoing tonsillectomy. 12
Upasna Bhatia, Kirti D Patel
Multidetector Computed Tomographic features of uncommon pancreatic masses. 16
Chhaya J Bhatt, Kavita Vaishnav
A Study of Relation of Stature with Foot Length in Natives of Gujarat State 22
Utsav Parekh, Reekee Patel, Pratik Patel
Self Medication of Abortion Pill: Women’s Health in Jeopardy 26
Rajal V Thaker, Kruti J Deliwala, Parul T Shah
Impedance platelet count in severe microcytosis-study of 161 patients 32
N. J. Ninama, Nirali K Shah
Study of caudal anaesthesia with ropivacaine under sedation for infraumbilical surgery in paediatrics patients 37
Bindi B. Palkhiwla, Heena R. Gajjar, Ripal S. Shah
Estimation of stature from hand length in Gujarat region. 41
Jitendra P Patel, Bharat G Patel, Ritesh K Shah, Naimish R.Bhojak, Jalpa N. Desai
Study of clinical profile of hyperthermia in neonate admitted in NICU during summer months 2010 45
Kakkad Khyati, Sheth Jay, Dagli Pallvi
Study of patients undergoing renal biopsy for proteinuria in a tertiary care hospital 50
M N Patel, J R Khambolja, M B Patel
Role of non descent vaginal hysterectomy in advancing gynaecological practice 55
Shital T. Mehta, Yamini N. Trivedi , Pratik Bhalodia
Effect of ramadan fasting on anthropological and physiological parameters 59
Shaista Saiyad, Mubassir Saiyad, Usha Patel, Anita Verma
Incidence of hemoglobinopathies in women attending antenatal clinics in their first trimester 63
Parikh U.R., Goswami H.M., Mehta R.C, Patel P S, Gonsai R. N.
Invasive versus noninvasive hemoglobin measurement by pulse CO-Oximeter in neonates admitted to NICU. 68
Hetal Vora, Pankti Desai
Pediatric regional anesthesia- A comparison between pediatric spinal and caudal anesthesia 72
Charu Pandya, Kamala Mehta, Kirti Patel , Khyati Panchasara