MEU Committee


Smt.NHLMunicipalMedicalCollege, Ahmedabad.

MCI Nodal Centre for Basic and advanced course (Faculty
Development) in Medical Education

MEU is a group of dedicated teachers who wish to work for the improvement of educational and research activities at the institute. The unit is active for last 12 years.


SR NO Photo Name Department Designation
1 Dr. Cherry K. Shah (I/c Dean) Honorary Director
2 Dr. Aparajita Shukla P & S M Professor – Convener
3 Dr. Niraj Mahajan Physiology Asso Prof – Co-convener
4 Dr. kanan Shah Anatomy Asso. Professor
4 Dr. Supriya Malhotra Pharmacology Professor & Head
5 Dr. Shaista Saiyad Physiology Asst. Professor
6 Dr. Bhavesh Jarwani EMD Asso. Professor
7 Dr. Nilima Shah Psychiatry Asso. Professor
8 Dr. Saurabh Gandhi ENT Asso. Professor
9 Dr. Rajal Thaker OBGY Professor
10 Dr. Reema Raval Ophthalmology Professor
11 Dr. Shikha Sood Pharmacology Asso. Professor
12 Dr. Bhavna Puwar P&SM Asso. Professor
13 Dr. Sushma Shah OBGY Professor
14 Dr. Monila Patel Gen. Medicine Professor



1. To make the teaching-learning activities more effective, thus imparting better education and improving the outcome of training of the budding doctor’s

2. To give impetus to research activities at the institute involving not only the teachers but also the undergraduate students in research programs.


1. Conducting workshops for the medical teachers to train them in educational technology, thus improving both the teaching and evaluation of students.

2. Conducting Orientation Programs for new entrants in the institute (First year students) and also for new second year students to make them aware of the type of training they are likely to undergo, the evaluation pattern and other information necessary for new students.

3. Conducting Problem Solving for Better Health (PSBH) Workshops jointly with Dept. of Community Medicine for Second M.B.B.S. student to sensitise them to community oriented research problems at an early stage of training

4. Conducting workshops for medical practitioners, interns etc. focusing on areas like Health Care of the Elderly, Role of Doctors in Disaster Management, etc. are other ongoing programs.