Ethics Committee


I/c Dean & Institutional Head: Dr. Cherry K. Shah
Chairperson: Dr. Asha N. Shah
Member Secretary: Dr Devang Rana

Institutional Ethics Committee membership list [2021]

Name of the
NHLIEC Member/
Designation with Gender
Role in NHLIEC
1 Dr.Asha N.Shah                M.D. (Medicine) Prof. of Medicine (F) GCS. Medical College (Non Institutional) Chairperson Member Clinician
2 Dr. Cherry K. Shah           M.D. (Pathology) I/c Dean & Prof. of Pathology (F) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Institutional Head-Member
3 Dr. Sanjay Tripathi            M.D. (Respi. Medicine) I/c Superintendent, SVPIMSR, Physician (M) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Member Clinician
4 Dr. Pankaj R. Patel           M.S. (Ortho) Retd. Prof of Orthopedics & Dean, NHLMMC (M) Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon (Non Institutional) Member Clinician
5 Dr. Mahendra Joshi   M.S.LLM, MBA,PhD Retired Judge, (M) Consumer Forum (Non Institutional) Member Legal expert
6 Dr. Mahadev Desai            M.D. (Medicine) Physician (M) Practicing Physician (Non Institutional) Member Clinician
7 Dr. Sharad Thaker             M.D. DGO Gynecologist (M) Practicing Gynecologist (Non Institutional) Member Clinician
8 Dr. Pratik Patel                 M.D.  (Forensic Medi.) Prof. & Head, Dept. of Forensic Medicine (M) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Member Basic medical scientist
9 Dr. Supriya Malhotra M.D.DNB (Pharmacology) Prof. & Head., Dept. of Pharmacology (F) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Member Pharmacologist Basic medical scientist
10 Dr. Parul T. Shah                 M.S. (Obst. & Gaynec) Prof. & Head, Dept. of Obst. & Gaynec) SVP Hospital (F) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Member Clinician
11 Dr. Nilay Suthar                 M.D. (Medicine) Prof. of Medicine, Dept. of Medicine, SVP Hospital (M) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Member Clinician
12 Dr. Devang Rana       M.D.DNB (Pharmacology) Asst.Prof., Dept. of Pharmacology (M) Smt. NHL Muni. Medi. College Member Secretary Pharmacologist Basic medical scientist
13 Mr. Amar Vyas Social worker (M) B J Medical College (Non Institutional) Member Social Person
14 Mr. Narendra Shah             B.A. Social Worker (M) Retired (Non Institutional) Member Lay person

The following procedure has to be followed in order to submit a protocol for review at the NHL Institutional Ethics Committee:

  • 1. First the Application form duly filled in and signed has to be submitted
  • 2. A checklist of documents to be submitted with the protocol are listed here which has to be checked and given with the submission
  • 3. Fees for the review by the NHLIEC.
  • 4. No applications shall be entertained without any of the above mentioned documents and fees
  • 5. The submission shall be to the undersigned in presence of the Principal Investigator.