a: antemortem burn injury
b: postmortem lividity
c: abrasion and its medicolegal importance

2: Write Short notes on [any 3] 12

a: MTP Act
b: differences between virginity and defloration
c: differences between hanging and strangulation
d: privileged communication

3: write short notes on [any 3] 12

a: chelating agents
b: clinical features and treatment of carbolic acid poisoning
c: signs,symptoms,treatment of chronic lead poisoning
d: organophosphorous compound poisoning

4: write in few sentences[any6] 6

a: vitriolege
b: smell and poison
c: expert witness
d: age of 18 years
e: atavism
f: signs of atropinisation
g: tactile hallucination
h: polyvalent antisnake venom

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